While many homeowners find it common to refinance their property once they have enough equity in store, it is a bigger deal than many people may think. Although you will get the best deal for your monthly mortgage, it is essential to have your insurance agent look over every aspect of your home to avoid infractions.

Refinancing your home can take a long time, usually 45 to 50 days for full completion where you then should contact your insurance agency to receive a fully updated insurance policy for your home and belongings. Once this is completed, your insurance and payments may change in the following ways:

– Your property value along with loan payments are common to drop at least 2%.
– After you refinance your home, if your insurance policy still does not change, it is the perfect time to go look for a different insurance agency with a better – policy with lower rates like us at Brazelton Insurance.
– Insurance policy payments will drop, which will save you thousands of dollars annually.

To learn more about the effects refinancing your property may have on your insurance policy and payment, contact our professional insurance agents at Brazelton Insurance Group today.