When buying car insurance, many people think they know what they’re doing,but there are many misconceptions and information they do not understand that could affect their insurance in the long run. Here are some insurance mistake you will want to make sure you don’t do when purchasing or renewing your policy.

1. Assuming state minimum liability limits are sufficient– We all like to save money but we also need adequate protection. State minimums sometimes are not enough. For the few extra dollars you might save, you may risk being under-insured and facing  out-of-pocket costs as a result.

2. Raising deductibles to $1,000 to save $10: Unless you’re a high-risk driver who is paying thousands of dollars for full coverage, increasing your deductibles won’t be highly beneficial. Reserve the money in case you should have a violation, accidents and tickets.

3. Leaving out information about household drivers: Some people believe they can save by not mentioning household drivers who would likely generate higher premiums. This is really opening yourself up to denied claims or a felony charges.

4. Buying collision coverage for a 10-year-old car: Unless you have a classic or custom car, you don’t need to pay full coverage for damage to your vehicle.

Brazelton Insurance Group can help you get an auto insurance policy or update your currently policy to make sure you have the right coverage necessary without having to spend extra money. Contact us today for more information.