When you travel outside of U.S. , does your health plan cover you? In most cases the answer is no, because Medicare doesn’t provide coverage for accidents or illnesses, outside the United States.

Here are some ways you can shop wisely for travel insurance.

Traveling insurance policies have a selection of benefits, for lost luggage or travel delay to medical evacuation. There’s even a policy for those who don’t want the hassle of seeking reimbursement from their own health insurer after an overseas medical event. This policy would pay medical bills regardless of whether the individual’s own insurer will pay. When you travel alone or in a group, you can have a peace of mind knowing you have access to only experts who can help return you home safely.

Shop wisely, it’s very important to ask questions as far as coverage varies. Most insurers have restrictions on covering people who have pre-existing conditions. Those may not cover injuries resulting from sports that can carry a risk. It’s also possible for you to purchase separate insurances to cover other situations.

Experts recommend that you purchase directly from the agent who is specialized in the travel insurances, instead of your travel agent. Reason being is, travel agents specialize in the fun area, insurance agents just help make sure your covered in the right thing so nothing goes wrong.

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