If you are an average adult who is healthy most of the time, a standard health insurance plan will most likely cover all of your needs. But, problems can always arise when your health changes. Many insurance plans are prepared to deal with some circumstances, and there will come a time when you may need more protection. You may want to purchase a health insurance rider

For many people, when having this type of insurance amendment it allows you to maintain you health insurance and also receiving adequate care. You will need to purchase a riders according to your individual circumstances, here are a few ideas for those of you who may believe you are worth the extra cost.

  • Indemnity Rider :  If you are working in conditions or hobbies that are putting you in situations where you may be injured, this rider could be a valuable add-on to your health insurance. For example if you lose a limb in an accident this rider insurance will provide you coverage during the recovery period, and also depending on your policy this coverage can double or triple.
  • Waiver For Premium Rider  :  If you have been lying in a hospital bed for weeks , last thing you want to think about is how you are going to be able to pay your health insurance premium. With this rider coverage it allows you to waive your premium during the extended stay at the hospital.
  • Major Surgery Rider :  Many insurance policies come with a procedure specific limits and deductibles, this can allow the rider to negotiate with your insurance company over what procedure limits can be lowered or raised.

If you are needing extra coverage of any kind, riders are viable option, but some are a bit expensive; go through the pros and cons before you start to purchase a riders plan. If you are wanting more information about adding more protection for riders contact your agent today at Brazelton Insurance Group and they are more thank welcome to help you out!