Your insurance agent is the best resource for determining what policies will best meet the needs of your business and what discounts may be available, especially when it comes to your commercial vehicle needs.

Since many business owners do not understand there are additional steps that one should take, even after their policy is in place, that can further protect their assets and employees, it is always best to work with your agent in order to determine what plan Is best for you. These additional steps can help you to not only reduce accidents, but also keep your insurance premiums lower, which will ultimately save you time and money:

  • Limit the use of your business vehicles to work-related travel only.
  • Avoid texting and talking on cell phones, establishing another way to communicate and avoiding phone use while driving.
  • Require that all of your employees wear their seat belts.
  • Ensure that you have a zero tolerance policy, in which employees may not consume alcoholic beverages or take drugs while operating, or before operating any company vehicles.
  • Ensure all company vehicles are safe and secure at all times, considering alarm systems for your vehicles, which may also lower your insurance rates.
  • Allow plenty of travel time between jobs or appointments, which will prevent rushing, speeding, or aggressive driving.
  • Be sure to check all employees’ driving records. If an employee has a history of violations or accidents, do not allow him or her to operate company vehicles.
  • Provide proper safety trainings and practices to all employees that will be driving company vehicles. Also, if your business uses any specialized vehicles, ensure individuals operating these machines are properly trained and licensed or certified.
  • Ensure your vehicles are well maintained.

It is always a good idea to perform bi-annual reviews with your insurance agent, ensuring your coverage is appropriate and still meets your needs. Contact Brazelton Insurance Group for help with your insurance needs today.