Whether you own a restaurant or are thinking about starting up a restaurant business, the number one thing you are going to need is insurance. There are many problems that may arise when you are owning a restaurant such as customers becoming sick after they leave, slip-and-falls, and equipment failure. It is essential to have the proper insurance to prevent you and your business from being liable for these accidents.

Here a few things to keep in mind when you are owning a restaurant:

General Liability:
 Liability insurance is a must-have when you are in the restaurant business. For instance, if someone becomes ill after eating at your restaurant, the liability insurance will cover you.

Liquor Liability: It is crucial to have a liquor license for every employee who serves alcoholic beverages at your establishment. This will cover your business if an intoxicated customer leaves your restaurant in a vehicle and could possibly cause harm to other drivers.

Workers Comp: Workers compensation is required by most states throughout the nation, where it protects you, the employer, if an employee suffers an injury during work.

Fire: Having fire insurance seems obvious when you are working in a restaurant establishment, however, almost half of all restaurants do not carry fire insurance. It is important to have fire insurance incase of an emergency.

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