With summer, often comes hail storms. Each year,it has been estimated that these hail storms cause around $1 billion in damages to businesses, homes, vehicles, and other personal and business related properties nationwide.

If your property is unfortunate enough to suffer from damaging hail, there are a few steps you can take when filing a claim, receiving compensation for the damage.

Ensure You Are Covered

First and foremost, it is critical to ensure you have the appropriate insurance policy, with the coverage necessary to cover damage from hail. Typically, a homeowner’s insurance policy will cover repairs to your home if it is damaged by hail. However, depending on your particular policy, you may be responsible to pay a deductible first before receiving reimbursement.

If you need help ensuring you have the right policy, talk to your agent, who can discuss policy options and recommend the best coverage for you and your specific needs.

Be Prepared

Once you have the right coverage in place, you next need to ensure you are prepared in the event a hailstorm occurs. If your property suffers damaging results, the following steps will be helpful in filing your claim and obtaining your reimbursement:

Document the storm: From the date and time, to the hailstones themselves, you should document everything. Photograph the hail, placing a tape measure next to one to show size.

Document damages: Whether it is your roof, your car, or your windows, be sure to take pictures of any damages caused by the hail. Also be sure to check for damage to siding and outdoor air conditioning units, as well as check the attic for leaks and the rest of your property for indications of other damages.

Call your homeowner’s or commercial insurance provider: Be sure you have your policy number and your documentation and be ready to obtain a claim number for future reference.

A claims adjuster will be assigned to inspect your property and prepare a repair estimate: After inspection, the adjuster will file a report with your claim examiner, who will review it and make a decision on your claim.

If you need help filing a claim or have questions about your homeowner’s or commercial insurance policy, contact Brazelton Insurance Group today.