Having an evacuation plan, safety procedures, and an emergency kit is essential to be prepared for a natural disaster or any type of emergency, but it also necessary to consider the cost of repairing or replacing all your belongings. There are many objects apart from appliances that would need to be replaced in case of an emergency, like toys, clothes, and kitchen utensils. A way to be prepared if your personal belongings are destroyed in an emergency is by creating a home inventory. A detailed home inventory will provide you support if your belongings ever get destroyed, and if you have to file an insurance claim.

Here are different ways to create a home inventory:

Make a checklist– Creating a detailed checklist is an efficient way to document your belongings. Information that should be apart of the checklist includes the type of item, the original price of each item, what year each item was purchased, and the serial number of each item. Including the receipt of each item would be helpful to document as well. The checklist of your belongings should be stored somewhere safe, like in a safe deposit box or with a trusted relative or friend.

Have pictures of your belongings– Having visuals of your belongings in addition to a checklist is a smart way to have a thorough inventory. You can take pictures of each room in your living space, and focus on each individual belonging in that particular room. Your pictures can label correspondingly to each item on the checklist.

Record a video– You can create a video recording of each room, thoroughly describing each valuable and its unique features. Things to describe include an item’s condition, model, and contents.

Use an app– Creating a digital inventory is the way to go if you fear that your physical list of belongings will get lost or destroyed. There are different apps on Smartphones and other electronics that are made to store information for a home inventory. With a digital tool, you can include descriptions, pictures, and videos of each item all in one place.

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