Adding a new driver to the family policy can be costly, and the price varies widely depending on what state you live in. When a married couple adds a teenage driver to their policy, the average cost of car insurance increases 79% more. There are steps that can be taken by you and your teen to lessen the expenses of car insurance.

Allow your driving to be tracked– Electronics that allow your insurers to track how good you are at driving, also known as “telematics” are a way to save on your car insurance. Telematics collect data on areas like you or your teen’s speed, miles driven, and breaking. Using a telematic program allows you to identify how you can receive discounts based on the way you drive. For example, the app and device Allstate’s Drivewise allows a maximum discount of 30%.

Be sure to ask about the good student discount– Discounts like the good student discount are ones that you do not get automatically. In order to receive these discounts, you have to call and ask your insurer for them. Typically, to be eligible for the good student discount, your student must have at least a B average. Other possible savings you can ask your insurer about include receiving a discount for completing an online driver safety program and signing a contract with your teenager that pertains to safe driving.

Notify your insurer when your teen is in college or away– The majority of college students in the United States do not have cars on campus in college. If your teen is among that majority of college students, let your insurer know, and ask about a discount for “distant drivers”. In order to be eligible for the “distant driver” discount, your child has to be at least 100 miles away from home.

Have your teen drive a used car– Buying a used car for your teen or having them drive an old car of yours is an effective way to avoid extra expenses in case of a car accident. If your teen ends up getting in an accident, paying for the costs of an old car saves much more money than paying for the expenses of a brand new car.

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