Homeowners insurance typically contains policies that help cover an individual’s home and belongings in the case of an emergency. It is important to inform yourself of what your insurance policy covers.

The following things are typically provided by or what you should look to have covered by homeowners insurance:

Dwelling Coverage– This policy of homeowners insurance provides aid towards rebuilding and repairing a damaged home. The coverage of structures attached to a home, such as a garage, are usually provided by this aspect of the insurance.

Unattached Structures– Most homeowners insurance provides coverage on physical structures that are not attached to the home, such as fences, play-sets, and sheds. It is important to consult with your insurance company to see the potential costs of recovering an unattached structure.

Personal Belongings– Personal property, like clothing and appliances are usually apart of the coverage provided by homeowners insurance. Personal belongings are protected from specific emergencies, like a fire or tornado. Your homeowners insurance will most likely pay for the repair or replacement of your belongings.

Additional Costs– It is typical for homeowners insurance to cover the additional costs following an emergency that causes destruction to your home. Hotel costs and other feels may be covered by your insurance policy if you have to live out of your house after an emergency.

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