Life insurance can be an important component of a financial plan, but what kind you choose and how much you purchase depends on your individual financial circumstances.

Here are six factors to consider when thinking about life insurance:

  • Consider whether you need life insurance in the first place. You generally purchase life insurance in order to protect the people you leave behind. Don’t buy it unless you have a spouse, children or other people who are financially dependent on you.
  • If you do need life insurance, consider which kind you need. Life insurance policies fall into one of two camps: Pure term policies and whole life policies. Pure term offers life insurance coverage only: You pay a premium and the policy pays your beneficiaries a certain amount when you die. Whole life combines term policies with an investment product to build cash value.
  • Consider what term will meet your needs. For example, you’ll most likely want the policy to last as long as you have dependents. It’s a guessing game, but your advisor can help you make it less so.
  • Think about what you can afford, but don’t leave yourself underinsured. Because whole life insurance is often more expensive than term life, many people purchasing whole life buy too little.
  • Be a savvy buyer. It’s always a good idea to buy insurance when you’re young and healthy, because rates will usually rise for older individuals and those who are in less than optimal health.
  • Always tell the truth when you apply for coverage; if you don’t disclose all relevant factors and then make a claim, the insurance company will investigate, deny the claim and likely cancel your policy.

Life insurance is no place to skimp. By consulting with your advisor before you purchase a plan, you’ll ensure that you have just the right amount of insurance for your needs.

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