When you think of insurance, you most likely think of insurance for your health, insuring your car, home, and other valuables. However, pet insurance has become a large topic of controversy if people should have it or not. It has been concluded in a recent study that over $15 billion was spent on veterinary care this past year. While it is not very common, there are a lot of pet policies to choose from including the following:

Life/Theft Insurance: While this may sound silly, this coverage will reimburse owners of stolen animals. In addition, owners will be given funds for deceased animals, which generally occurs for service and zoo animals.

Health Insurance: Health insurance for pets is the same system as it is for humans. Instead of paying a hefty price for an emergency surgery to an unexpected tumor, the owner will have to pay a rather small co-pay instead.

Liability Protection:
Liability protection is an option for all pet owners, but mainly pertains to dog owners. For example, if your dog were to bite someone, they would have more protection against them in a case against you and your pet. However, if there is a long history of violence with your pet, liability protection cannot guarantee security.

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