Whether you are having a roommate kick it with you or you are starting to live in someone’s home, an adequate renters insurance policy can be tough to come across. However, Brazelton Insurance can guide you to find the perfect policy for your situation. In addition, if you are deciding to move in with a roommate, it is best to see if you are permitted to be added to the lease, making you able to file a claim if something wrongful happens in the home.

Insurance Coverage

If you are looking to see how insurance would cover you and your roommate’s belongings, it is crucial to come up with a rough estimate of your shared belongings. This will allow you to increase your premium so you are covered in case of a tragic event.

Sharing History

When you are filing claims for your insurance policy, they do affect the rates you are paying later on. With renters insurance, you are sharing the history with them and are deemed responsible if anything gets stolen or lost. To generalize this, it is recommended to have your own policy if you are not on good terms with the shared party.

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