With just two months left until the start of spring, you want to ensure your business has the correct type of insurance so you are prepared for what comes with spring. There are many changes that may occur within your business once the season changes and our team at Brazelton Insurance Group is here to guarantee you are well-prepared.

To prevent the risk of complications occurring with the new season, you should consider the following factors:

Auto Insurance: With the weather becoming warmer and nicer in the next month or so, people are going to spend more time driving. This is where you should check your commercial auto insurance policies to ensure you and the drivers have the most approatre coverage.

Worker’s Compensation: If your business hires employees seasonal, then this may be the time to start hiring those workers. This means you should ensure your company has the correct coverage for any type of worker’s compensation claims.

Vacation Time: Once spring starts, employees often take time off for vacation to enjoy the nice weather. Whether it is for a few days or two weeks, it is crucial to ensure your business has the proper coverage to hire temporary employees to cover for the workers taking vacation time. This ties back to checking to see if your business has the approtate type of commercial insurance policy and other liabilities.

For further information or questions about preparing your business for this upcoming spring, contact Brazelton Insurance Group today.