When you own a house, there a lot of responsibilities and maintenance needs you should check every so often. Ensuring your house is well-maintained and there are no issues will prevent you from encountering various homeowner insurance claims. Brazelton Insurance Group has some essential tips for you to remember when checking your house for any complications:

Eliminate Fire Hazards: To ensure your house does not catch on fire, here are some important tips to recall when preventing fire hazards:

– Clean your dryer’s lint every time you use the dryer
– Clean your dryer’s lint hose at least once a year
– Rid of any clutter as it contributes to fires
– Replace the batteries of your smoke detectors twice a year
– Have fire extinguishers in designated areas

Scan For Water Damage: To make sure you do not encounter moisture damage to any part of your home, check your water heater for any cracks or leaks. In addition, water damage is inevitable if your windows or doors if the seams of both are not secure. The seams may crack over time which will let in moisture in your home and may cause water damage to areas near the windows and doors.

Prevent Liability Issues:
It is important to check areas you may not necessarily look on your property for any damage. This includes your driveway, walkways, fences, and gates. This is very crucial for you to check on a more frequent basis since you may be held accountable for accidents that occur on any broken structure on your property.

For more information or questions concerning the topic of how to stay safe with homeowners insurance, contact our skillful team at Brazelton Insurance Group today.