It is important for someone to know that their insurance policy will help them recover in most, if not all unexpected events. Even though homeowner´s insurance covers many of the unfortunate situations that are thrown at you in life, there are exclusions within most policies. Situations that you should be sure you are protected from include but are not limited to the following:

Wear and Tear
Over time, it is natural for appliances and electronics to stop working in your house. Everyday necessities may break down, and it is important to know that homeowner´s insurance does not cover these unexpected breakdowns. Purchasing equipment breakdown coverage should be considered for replacing all items that fail to work over time.

Water Damage
Your house is at risk from flooding damages if you live in an area where it frequently rains or if you live near a body of water. Separate flood insurance is necessary to cover losses from a flood, because homeowner´s insurance policies do not cover them.

Termite Infestation
Devastation of your home can be caused by an infestation of termites, which would damage support beams and a variety of wood features in a home. It is estimated that $5 billion worth of damage is caused by termites in the U.S. every year. Termite damage is not covered by homeowner´s insurance, so it is important to seek early intervention to prevent this type of destruction.

Certain states like Nevada, California, and Washington are extremely prone to earthquakes. The devastation of earthquakes typically are not covered by regular homeowner´s insurance policies. To protect yourself from a devastation like an earthquake, it is crucial to purchase a separate policy.

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