About 120 Arborists have died on the job, as stated in an report from OSHA. Statistics have shown veteran arborists are more likely to have a higher fatality rate due to the professional gain experience and they also get the riskier jobs. Keep in mind, a fully grown tree weighs about 10 tons. These Arborists face injuries from falling tree trunks and branches. When being in this type of industry, it’s important to have insurance for your company, so your workers are protected due to any injuries or fatalities that can occur.

General Liability : This will cover the basic liability risks every business must face, including bodily injury, property damage to you or your workers.

Product Liability : This will cover any trimming tools, chemicals, fertilizers and sprayers that you sell cause injury or damage.

Commercial Insurance : Having commercial insurance for this type of industry will provide the correct auto insurance your company will need. If you have more than 1 driver in the company, they all need to be covered under the insurance. For example, chippers, log loaders, and bucket trucks all have to have some type of insurance to ensure if any accident occurs or damage done when being out on the job.

Conclusion regardless of what type of tree services you offer, whether you have a small tree trimming company or a large crew of Arborists, you need the right insurance coverage for you at a price affordable. Consult with Brazelton Insurance Group, and they will put you in the right direction for the insurances you need for your company.