When owning a Medical Spa or Day Spa, it’s important to have the correct insurance, because treatments and services you provide to your customers involve a high risk of personal interaction. Having this personal interaction can cause a huge liability risk.

When growing your business, it would be a good idea to update your liability coverage. Whenever you add a new employee or new equipment to your facilities, it’s important to make sure it’s covered under your insurance.


Basic Spa Coverages Daily Spa Should Have :

Property Coverage – This coverage insures your building, equipment and inventory are protected against loss due to fire, storm, and crime.

Liability Coverage – This coverage covers any accident that happens on the premises, including any slips and falls or burns.

Business Interruption – Covers any operating expenses and payroll, while your company recovers from any disaster.


Basic Medical Spa Coverages Should Have :

The number one important coverage for any medical spa is to have professional liability coverage for each employee who provides any type of treatment. Often times medical spas perform procedures using, harsh chemicals, anesthesia, laser treatment, and injections.

Sexual Allegations – This will cover all employees for the cost of legal attraction if a client alleges sexual misconduct during their treatment.

Malpractice – When a client files a claim accusing someone in your practice for causing injury or a mistake in the treatment they purchased.

Product Liability – This will cover any litigation that involves injury due to laser treatment malfunction, allergic reaction to an injection or equipment failure.

Making sure your company is protected is important or else you risk the chance at losing your company and being shut down. For more information about what coverages are out there for Day Spa’s & Medical Spa’s contact Brazelton Insurance Group today!