For many of us, our possessions are a large part of who we are. However, all the assets you have worked long hours at work for can be lost in as short of a time span as a month if you are involved in a lawsuit, file for bankruptcy, or have otherwise placed your belongings in a precarious situation. To avoid devastation and losing your assets, there are several steps you can take to fully protect yourself.

  • Corporate Veils: If you own a business, it is important to ensure that your business has the correct insurance and knows how to use a corporate veil. A corporate veil, in brief, allows for businesses to be addressed as sole entities and therefore protects the owners and shareholders and all of their personal possessions if the business were to go under.
  • Retirement Accounts: One of the most effective ways to protect not only your wealth but also your possessions is through the use of retirement accounts. Both traditional and Roth IRA accounts can prove to be vital in protecting you when used properly.
  • Be Prepared: As is true in nearly all cases, a great way to protect yourself and your possessions from lawsuits is by being prepared for the worst possible case. It is always important to ensure you have a lawyer and law firm and insurance agency you can trust to provide the proper assertive legal and financial assistance.
  • Insurance: Of course one of the best ways to protect yourself from litigious people and companies is by taking out an insurance policy. It is important you invest in strong and secure insurance policies to fully protect you and your personal possessions.

The safety of your assets is important not only to you, but also to us. If you are looking to protect your personal or business possessions, feel free to contact us at Brazelton Insurance Group to ensure you are in safe hands.