Let’s face it, Chicago weather is unpredictable, often leaving home and business owners unprepared for what Mother Nature has to offer. However, during the springtime, the one thing that a they can count on are storms; often experiencing high winds, heavy rains, and hail, which can all wreak havoc on your property.

With these potential damages, costs can add up quickly. In order to help prevent you from suffering from these costly expenses, here are some ways you can protect your home or business during the spring storm season:

Watch the weather. If the forecast is calling for storms, then be sure to bring in all materials, vehicles, and equipment inside, ensuring all of your valuables are safely stored before bad weather arrives, preventing potentially costly damages.

Seek shelter. It is imperative that you ensure everyone is safe. During inclement weather, avoid working outside or near windows. And if you experience a significant storm, be sure to seek shelter, moving everyone to a storm shelter or basement in your home or business.

Perform a thorough inspection. Take inventory of the condition of your home or business at the start of spring, always performing inspections after storms to check for damage. By making repairs right away, even minor ones, will help to prevent further damage when the next storm comes along.

Ensure you are covered. For homes, it is important that you have an appropriate homeowner’s insurance policy in place to protect your home from storm damage. If you own a business, then there are two types of insurance policies that can help with storm damage protection: commercial property insurance, which repairs or replaces property that is damaged by wind and hail, and a business owner’s policy, which is tailored to small businesses, bundling commercial property and general liability coverages together for an affordable rate.

Ensure your home or business is prepared for storm season today. Contact Brazleton Insurance Group for help with your insurance needs today!