With the holiday season often comes the time to worry about your home and family’s safety. However, with the proper precautions, you can protect your home and ensure your holiday stays merry and bright.

In order to do so, ensure you are considering the following helpful tips:

Keep your doors locked. It’s easy to forget to lock all of your home’s doors, and some people develop a bad habit of leaving their doors unlocked, or propping open apartment-building doors. Be sure that you are keeping doors and windows locked at all times, as well as checking your windows’ hardware to ensure it is secure.

Create an inventory. Create an inventory of your personal property, including any items that you have purchased as gifts. This helps to you to know what may be missing in the event your home is burglarized.

Keep your house lit. Dark, vacant houses are prime targets for thieves. Simply by leaving your lights on, or keeping them on a timer, will give the impression to thieves that someone is home, deterring them from entering your property.

Do not advertise you are not home. In the event you be traveling, it is critical that you do not advertise it. If you announce on social media that your home is empty, the chances that your home could be a target for burglary increases.

Avoid putting out your gifts. Wait until Christmas Eve to put out your gifts, avoiding them from being put on display for potential thieves.

Ensure your deliveries are safe. If you’re expecting a package and know that you will not be home to receive it, then be sure to arrange with the company to have it left at a local shipping center, placed in an inconspicuous area, or ask a neighbor to receive it on your behalf.

Ensure you are covered. Unfortunately, a theft could still occur, no matter how prepared and safe you are. However, you can still have peace of mind by investing in homeowners or renters insurance policy, which will help you to recover your belongings in the event you are a victim of theft this holiday season.

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