When you search for the perfect location for your new home, you often look for great schools, plenty of storage space, as well as proximity to important places you want to access, however, it is critical that you don’t forget another important consideration: insurance.

With so many other items on your wants and needs list, overlooking insurance can be a costly mistake. In order to help you avoid buyer’s remorse, keep the following information and questions in mind as you choose your home:

Where is you home located? Is the home near the coast? This typically makes insurance more expensive. You may also need a separate hurricane deductible. For inland locations – is it in a floodplain? This requires separate flood insurance.

How old is your house? Older homes are often quite charming. However, they can cost more to insure. Plaster walls and outdated electrical systems can be expensive to replace. Check to see what has been updated and research how these antique features may affect your insurance rates.

What condition is the roof in? What is the condition of the roof? What type of roof does it have? If it’s been recently replaced with high-quality materials, your insurance will be much simpler and cheaper.

Does the home have any high-risk features? The gorgeously appointed swimming pool may look inviting, but it will require additional liability insurance. If the home has a pool, hot tub, or other special feature, keep this cost in mind as you consider making an offer.

Is the house compliant with building codes? Not every home is built to meet current engineering standards. For both safety and insurability concerns, make sure your home-to-be complies with current codes. (Note: Your real estate agent may help here.

Be sure to consult with your insurance agent when looking for your new home. They can help you assess any issues that may exist in the properties you are considering, saving you from any insurance surprises after you close the deal.

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