Most people assume an insurance policy will protect them from everything. And while an effective insurance policy is for when the unexpected occurs, what happens if the unexpected is one of the exclusions on your homeowner’s insurance policy?

Flooding- Living by a body of water or in a place that rains quite a bit can put you at risk of an exclusion in your insurance policy, especially since most homeowner’s insurance policies do not cover losses due to flooding. This is why it is imperative that you invest in flood insurance. If you have questions in regards to your policy and if you are protected against flooding, contact your insurance agent right away.

Water, Sewer, & Drain Backup- Typically a homeowner’s insurance policy will protect you against damage caused by plumbing, however, if there is a backup, you may be out of luck. Many backups occur if the water lines are dirty, and the septic tanks seriously consider this coverage. In order to prevent a backup, routinely check for potential problems and invest in rider coverage, which will protect you from damages in the event that a backup does occur.

Wear & Tear- Regardless if your appliances begin to wear unexpectedly, your new wood floors begin to bow, or your foundation starts to settle, your homeowner’s insurance policy will not cover wear and tear to your home and appliances. However, investing in a separate overage plan will typically help to cover all of these wear and tear issues, and then some. Coverage, such as equipment breakdown coverage, will cover all large appliances and home electronics, as well as water heaters.

If you have questions about your homeowner’s insurance policy, especially when it comes to your exclusion policy, be sure to contact Brazelton Insurance Group today!