According to the Affordable Care Act, small businesses with less than 50 employees are not required to provide their employees with health insurance coverage, however, many small businesses may still wish to consider providing some sort of healthcare, especially when it comes to the following reasons.

Big Business Means Better Benefits

Small businesses are always competing for employees, especially against larger ones. One of the biggest reasons being why is due to their ability to offer better benefit packages than small businesses, which helps make the choice between a smaller business, versus a larger one easier to make.

Productivity Loss Due to Illnesses

Without the proper health coverage, employees may not be able to afford screening tests and preventive health care, such as flu vaccines and mammograms, as well as receive care when they are ill, which can lead to a decrease in their productivity. This may even lead to illnesses being spread, since the employee is more than likely to work when they are ill.

Your Worker’s Compensation Policy Prefers It

Many insurers that provide your business with your worker’s compensation policy may prefer that you offer health insurance, especially since statistics have indicated that employees without health coverage are more likely to blame injuries on work-related incidents. For small employers, even one claim against their workers’ compensation policy may result in the refusal to renew your worker’s compensation policy.

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