This time of year often brings home remodeling.  Whether you are considering an addition or finishing your basement it is critical to ensure that you obtain the proper insurance to cover your remodel.

Homeowner’s Policy- Be sure to change your homeowner’s policy before you are finished with your remodel. It is important to have that space insured from damage, especially before the final touches are added. It is always a good idea to contact your insurance agent before you start in order to increase the value of your home, which will reflect the impending changes.

Personal Property- New spaces often require the purchase of new furniture or equipment, so it is critical to add coverage for your personal possessions, as well as add them to your home inventory list.

When hiring contractors, it is imperative to see proof of the company’s workers’ compensation insurance. In order to protect you from having to pay for workers’ injuries, be sure your contractor has their own policy in place before starting any work.

Contractors often times subcontract some of their work. Whether it may be with electrical or plumbing, always verify whether or not the contractors’ workers’ compensation policy will cover these subcontractors, or find out if the subcontractors have insurance of their own.

If anyone working on your remodel is not sufficiently insured, you may be able to extend your own homeowner’s policy to provide coverage in order to protect you.

Contact Brazelton Insurance Group today to check with your agent for the best options when it comes to your remodel project this year.