We all face life changes at some point in our lives. Whether we get married, have children, buy cars and homes, or we retire, all these occasions typically call for insurance policy changes. There are also times in our lives such as divorce, job loss, or other unforeseeable circumstances in which you might want to consider a change in your life insurance policy.

You lose your job. In the unfortunate event that you lose your job, insurance policies, such as life and health, if provided by your employer, may no longer be in effect, prompting you to the need to consider alternative policies.

You get divorced. In the event that you are getting divorced, and negotiating a divorce settlement, you will have to decide who will receive the life insurance policies that you and your spouse may have together. If you have children, you both may be required to maintain individual policies, naming your children as the beneficiaries. If a spouse is dependent on the other spouse’s income, they may now need an independent life insurance policy.

These are a variety of other life changes that may call for a change on your life insurance policy. When these life changes occur, it is critical to discuss your changes, as well as your goals, with your advisor immediately. In order to determine what insurance policy changes may be necessary and helpful to you, contact Brazelton Insurance Group today!