It’s that time of year again, hurricane season! When the tropical storm comes it’s not the only water threat to your business. Flooding happens by snowmelt, rainstorms, dams or even drainage systems. With the National Flood Insurance Program they work on the assumption that every one of us lives in some kind of flood zone. The question is whether it’s a low, moderate, or a high risk area. In fact, you are not protected if your building is built up on a hill even though your company may be located in a low risk area; you are still going to need flood insurance.

Now depending on your mortgage program, many lenders require you to have flood insurance. However if they don’t it is recommended to protect your business. It’s been known that about 33% of disaster assistance for flooding involve areas considered at low or moderate risk.

Having flood insurance is a must! If your business is located in a low risk area you are going to be paying less for coverage. Flood coverage is purchased through your insurance agent; many insurance companies can obtain coverage through The National Flood Insurance Program, which is a federal program that can offer set rates. These coverages will depends on factors such as the date of construction, the design of the building, coverage that is requested and the area of risk level its located at.

Did you know about 25% of businesses that close after a flood happens, and they never reopen? Stay in that 75% range of business owners that do! Contact your local Brazelton insurance Group and speak with an agent today and see what flood insurance is offered for your business.