The United States alone spends more than 3 trillion dollars a year on health care and as the population ages that figure starts to rise. What’s sad is this industry attracts more than its share of fraudsters. The Federal Bureau of Investigation acts to expose and investigate health care scams, which estimates that “tens of billions of dollars” are lost every year due to the hands of insurance scammers.  Here’s how to recognize a scam and how you should avoid being a fallen victim!

  • The number one way scammers are able to take advantage of consumers by offering them fake insurance policies. If it sounds too good to be true, chances are it probably is. Working with a licensed insurance agent is your best way to find the right insurance policy that is reliable and legal.
  • The second popular scam is medical discount cards. People that are selling them will promise deep discounts on everything from mediations to your doctor visits, but these are the empty promises. In the end you are going to be stuck with high feels and completely no benefits. So to protect yourself, make sure you are researching any claims discount cards offers and contact your local agent for further investigation.

The best way for you to protect yourself from scammers is by asking a series of questions. Reputable companies and insurance agents will welcome them and will answer anything you have to ask and they answer them to their best of their abilities. They will also discuss the pros and cons of the different policies they have to offer and how they might fit your needs or wants. Scammers on the other hand will not know as much. As the consumer, be diligent about what policies or discounts cards you research before you end up buying. For more help in deciding what policy is best for you contact Brazelton Insurance Group, one of their agents will be more than welcome to answer any questions you have!