Did you know some life insurance companies are starting to add rewards for their clients that are living healthy? Statistics have shown a point to virtual epidemic of unhealthy habits in many sectors of the U.S. population.

From the ages of 20 to 74, more than a third of these people are obese men and women. About 20% of adults smoke cigarettes, and smoking can lead to death or some kinds of cancer and another 25% of Americans have reported they didn’t participate in any non-work physical activity.

Healthy Behavior: Life insurance Company, John Hancock, for example, has recently announced their new program called Vitality. This is designed to tackle unhealthy stats, where policyholders can start to save on insurance premiums and earn rewards. They can do this by getting annual health screenings, losing weight, and taking online health courses. They are able to track their progress online.

Saving On Premiums: Another great example from the John Hancock Insurance Company, is a 45 year old couple, both are purchasing a $500,000 universal life policies, and can save up to about $25,000 on their premiums up to age of 85, and they can receive much more than that if they continue to live longer.

For more information about how to stay healthy and possibly save on your life insurance policy, contact your local Brazelton Insurance Group. They will be more than welcome to sit down with you and show you the different premiums that best fit your needs and wants.