There is over 35 million American households that do not have life insurance, and a 11 million includes children under the age of 18. It’s important that after you give birth to a child, you want to make sure they are covered with a life insurance policy. If you are unaware of what life insurances can do, answer some of these questions and see if you’re right.

1. What does life insurance provide for you?

(a) Providing for a loved one financially after your death.

(b) Estate planning.

(c) All of the above

2. What percentage of consumers say life insurance is a must?

(a) About 95%

(b)About 85%

(c) About 62%

3. What percentage of consumers say they already have life insurance?

(a) About 84%

(b) About 62%

(c) About 51%

4. What percentage of Americans that have life insurance, don’t think they have enough benefits?

(a) 90%

(b) 50%

(c) 40%

5. Which one of these is NOT a life insurance?

(a) Term life

(b) Whole life

(c) Partial life

Thanks to the higher rates of unemployment and confusion, the percentage of American’s households for life insurance is at 50 year low. Having life insurance is a very important part of your financial plan, and this should not be over looked. Talk with Brazelton Insurance Group, they can help you determine which policy best fits your needs, and what coverage and how much you are going to need.

Answers for the Quiz

1. C —-2. B—- 3. B —- 4. C—- 5. C