Before starting a business you need to make sure, you have a comprehensive insurance package that will protect your investments.

Workers compensation is the type of insurance that can provide protection for both employer and employees. Questions about Workers compensation are as followed.

  1. Do you have to purchase workers’ compensation? This will depend on the location of your business and how many states require you to purchase the insurance. This depends on if you have one or more employees. By state law, you also need to determine the benefit amounts, provider options and claim limitations.
  2. How does it protect employees? If you as the employee get hurt while working, this insurance will help handle all medical bills and pay for lost wages when you are out of work. If the employee dies on the job, workers’ compensation will provide all the benefits to the dependents of that person.
  3. How does it protect employers? When the employees use the workers’ compensation, they can automatically relinquish their right to sue you.
  4. What if you have more than one business located in different states? You will need to consult each state’s requirements and ensure that your policy meets all standards.
  5. How to avoid compensation fraud? If questionable claims are on the rise, you need to protect yourself by hiring good employees and do a background check.

For any questions about worker’s compensation talk to Brazelton Insurance Group for more details.