Insurance is for the unexpected, but now if the unexpected is one of the exclusions on your homeowners insurance, this could creek without coverage. You need to make sure you can protect yourself, from the following situations.


If you are living by a body of water of any sort, or if it just rains a lot and it seeps into your house you could be at risk. Homeowners insurance does not cover losses due to floods. You have to pay separate for the flood insurance. Go to the National Flood Insurance Program, the maximum coverage for a home is roughly $250,000. Where as for your personal belongings are $100,000. Talk with your agent today and see what is offered for you, so you can keep your house safe.

Wear and Tear

If a large appliance or any home electronics wear down unexpectedly, and if the kitchen tiles crack, wood floors bow or even your foundation starts to settle. Your homeowners insurance doesn’t cover that, this is why you also have to buy a separate overage plan that will cover all these needs. This is were you purchase equipment breakdown coverage, this will cover all large appliances and home electronics, and water heaters. It’s going to be an extra expense, but it’s cheaper than buying new.

Water-Sewer-Drain and Backup

With your homeowners policy, damage that is caused by plumbing is covered but if there’s backup, you may be out of luck unless you have the rider coverage. Many backups occur if the water lines are dirty, and the septic tanks seriously consider this coverage. To make sure nothing gets backup, routinely check for potential problems.

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