Every manufacturer has many risks in selling their products. It does not matter if you are a small operation selling candles or soaps, or a large company selling auto parts, you need to have liability insurance.

Any company that makes, sell or distribute a product, is going to be held responsible for the safety of that product. If a product of yours causes, some sort of harm or it is unsafe, you have the risk of being held financially responsible for what happened. This also goes for any small business that is growing, selling and harvesting crops at farmers ’ markets, they could be liable for consumers’ injuries or illness from the crops.

Depending on some businesses, they may not need as much coverage as other businesses. This depends on the level of risk, and a function of type of industry or business. Companies that manufacture medical equipment, medicine, and toys, have a higher level of risk than jewelry manufacturers. Every business in a product supply chain they can find liable for a defective or harmful product. Many places have been attributed to a retailer, middleman or wholesaler. All companies should consider having a product liability insurance. One recall or one lawsuit can close your company.

Talk with your agent today at Brazelton Insurance Group and see what is available in your area. We want to ensure that our business customers have the right kind of insurance to protect their business, employees and products.