If you don’t have your own vehicle, you may think you don’t need auto insurance to drive someone else’s vehicle right? Wrong! In certain states you aren’t allowed to drive someone else’s vehicle without auto insurance. This auto policy is called “Named non-owners insurance” this is for those who do not have a vehicle but wish to rent or drive other’s vehicles.

This insurance provides bodily injury and property damage coverage that is attached to the named policyholder. Covers any vehicle you drive, and if you don’t have insurance you could be sued if you cause an accident. If your friends car has minimum liability coverage, and with your liability coverage it will max out. Your policy will kick in to what’s left.

Having this policy will give you a good driver status, this policy could come in handy if this is you. Contact your agent today and see what is available for you. Named non-owners insurance is a great option for many people now a days, who regularly rent cars and drive others’ vehicles.

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