During the holidays, there are more risks of burglaries and house fires each year. There are always going to be risks for your home all year round and we want to ensure you’re protected in 2015. Here is a few ways how.

Buying Insurance: Renters believe they have coverage from their landlord’s insurance in an event of a house fire. This is Wrong. What they don’t understand is that landlord’s insurance ONLY will cover for the building’s structure and nothing else. Renters need to purchase their own insurance coverage for their personal belongings, and they also need liability coverage.

If you cause a fire that affects your neighbors’ property, it’s good to have liability coverage. If they wanted to come back and sue you for damages, you will be covered and be able to protect yourself from losing everything.

Your Policy: Go over your policy carefully and ask your agent any questions about what is or isn’t covered. If you have a flood that occurs in your basement, homeowners insurance won’t cover that. You have to purchase separate flood insurance.

Inventory: Conduct an inventory and determine estimated values, add everything up and whatever the number comes out to be, that is the amount of personal property coverage. Don’t stick to the same limits as before, change it so you can make sure all your possessions are covered, if anything happens.


For more information about how to have a happy new year and peace of mind that your insurance coverage are up to date, contact Brazelton Insurance Group.