Have you recently looked at your auto insurance since last year? Anything you would change or add? We want to ensure you’re saving money and not over thinking on your auto insurance policy.

The Do’s for your auto insurance

  • Read your policy and make any notes or questions that you have, so you can ask your agent.

  • Understand your coverage options, look to see if you have too much coverage or too little. Sit down with your agent and go over it, they can help explain what’s more beneficial.

  • Ask is there any discounts that are offered, if you qualify for any, or what’s available. For example, if you are a student full-time, and keeping a GPA of 3.0 or higher your auto insurance averages about 3-7%, which can make a difference on the amount you’re spending a month for auto.


The Don’ts for your auto insurance

  • Don’t go to the internet and look up answers you have about your auto, go in and talk to your agent they understand your situation and can help give you the correct answers.

  • Relying on state minimums isn’t a good idea. They don’t provide sufficient coverage, to your vehicle or health-care cost. Purchase only what is liability coverage that you can afford.

  • Don’t pay for unnecessary coverage for auto insurance

For more information about your Auto Insurance Policy contact your local Brazelton Insurance Group and talk with an agent.