Understanding the differences of Medicare coverage can be  confusing at times. To help you understand the coverage and help you make the right choice, here are a few different types and what to expect.

Medicare defined is: Basic coverage that can obtain directly through the Federal
government and it has two different parts to it.

1.  Hospital Coverage (Part A):

This is for skilled nursing facilities, and some in-home care. Normally
if you have worked and paid Social Security taxes for about 10 years,
it’s pretty much free. If you only worked and/or paid taxes for a
shorter amount of time, you’ll pay monthly premiums.

2. Medical Coverage (Part B):

This is for doctor visits and medically necessary for doctor’s services.
Things included are, physical therapy, medically necessary supplies,
preventive care, radiology services and ambulance services. You will have
monthly premium with this coverage.

3. Medicare Advantage Plans (Part C or MA Plans):

This a policy that now combines hospital coverage, and medical coverage
into a single policy and is available from private health insurers.
Although for this policy you are required to pay anything additional to
your premiums alone.

4. Prescription Drug Plans Part D or PDP Plans):

This plan is only available through a private insurance company. This
means they have a contract through the United States government and not
the Federal government. This can be a stand-alone policy or combined
with one of other policies.

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