It seems in-home daycare is more popular now a days, than having to take your child to a daycare center. It’s one of the best booming businesses around. If your receiving compensation, and your business becomes commercial you will have some risks and legal obligations. Being a daycare provider in your own home, you are at risk for a lawsuit. So it’s best to have a liability protection.


Home Insurance

In 1991, having homeowner’s insurance excludes having liability protection that is home-based commercial activity. Majority of homeowner’s policies have specific coverage for claims that can arise from your home childcare service. Having this protection will endorse you and provide limited protection. Talk to your insurance agent and see what they offer.


Business Coverage

Having liability for your business is a number one best choice. There is a range of commercial daycare policies, some offer protection for professional liability others do not. Policies can differ depending on the coverage and exclusions. For example, some exclusions could be taking field trips, pets, transportation, medicine, or playing in the pool. If you are not covered those who come to you for childcare assistance, have every right to come at you for something that went wrong with their child and you didn’t agree to it. So it’s best to make sure you are covered and protected.


Talk with your agent and see what is available for you as far as having homeowner’s insurance and business coverage. Brazelton Insurance Group can help find the right insurance policy for you.