Many people are missing out on two auto insurance discounts that could lead them to serious savings! Here are two ways to save on your auto insurance policy.

Affinity Discounts

Credit unions and members of clubs get offers all the time for exclusive insurance discounts. AARP is one example who has affiliations for automobile and large insurers and regularly offer member discounts. Close to 50 percent of larger insurers offer affinity discounts and savings runs between an average of 3 – 7 percent and can save you on up to 20 percent for premiums.
Additional affiliation discounts are available to union members and employees of certain companies and also members that are in professional organizations.

Occupational Discounts

If you have a certain degree or occupation, it mean you could qualify for a discount in some way. First responders, teachers, nurses and other healthcare professionals are the most common to get discounts.  Some are discounts are larger than others but if you qualify the savings can add up.

Talk with your agent and see what is available for you and see if anything can be added to your existing policy. Brazelton Insurance Group can help you find discounts on auto insurance and help you find something that is less costly and easy to work with for yourself and family