Every American takes at least one or two prescription drugs. There is no denying that all prescriptions are expensive and can get costly after a while.

Here are a few ways you can reduce your prescription drug costs by withholding a good healthcare plan.

1. Speak to your care provider: When you speak to your primary care doctor, they can write you a script for a few months instead of just one. It can minimize the office fee. You will want to make sure that when you contact your insurer that all prescriptions are covered and if some are not, try to see if the doctor can recommend a new medication for the same condition that will be covered. These are typically generic version of the prescription. They are less expensive instead of buying the “name brand.”

2. Talking to drug manufacturer: Some programs can offer free medications or give a significant discount price, which is for those who cannot afford to purchase medications.

3. Medicare assistance: Federal and state government assistance is available for those who carry Medicare. Many subsidy programs offer medication assistance for senior citizens and helps eliminate coverage gaps. Your health insurance provider can provide you with information is Medicare is provided or not.

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