Owning a car is a big pain and can cost more than one would like to even think about and many car owners can agree with that statement. The fees are endless, from paying for car insurance, gas, and car payments, to taxes and maintenance; it can take a toll on your bank account. Members of Brazelton Insurance Group can explain to you how driving less can help you save money on your auto insurance.

Many insurance companies are now introducing a new policy that allows you to pay less. In order to do this a device must be installed in your car. This device will track all of your driving habits: how often you drive, where you drive, and how long each car ride is. It also records the way you drive such as the way you brake and accelerate. In the end you only pay insurance for the amount of insurance you end up using. The PAYD policy, or the pay as you drive policy has saved some drivers up to 30% on insurance reductions.

The PAYD policy is worth considering if you work close to home or own a car that is only used on weekends or during the summertime. Your insurance company will ask you to rate your car, as either work or pleasure and your premiums will depend on the specific circumstances given.

Brazelton Insurance Group can help you lower the cost of your car insurance and advise you to make a decision that works best with you and your family.