No matter how expensive, insurance is worth it when you own a commercial property.  Luckily, there are plenty of ways to keep insurance costs low and affordable.  The secrets to managing these costs are listed below:

  • Keep and Hire Quality Employees:  Sadly, employee theft is a leading cause of lost profits.  Screening potential employees thoroughly may help minimize losses.  Also, train your employees and ensure they have appropriate safety gear and a healthy, safe work environment.

  • Inspect to Detect:  Thoroughly inspect grounds and buildings daily, and identify and correct new hazards immediately.  Insurers may deny claims if they believe losses occurred because of unaddressed, ongoing hazards.  Always be on the look out for possible hazards such as leaky pipes and unsecured hazardous materials, as well as compromised security measures such as broken locks, and anything that poses a risk of injury to employees or customers.

  • Add Security Features:  Alarm systems can record video and call the police is a threat is detected.  Take advantage of this innovative technology and remember that any security measures to reduce or avoid theft usually results in an insurance discount.  Install dead bolts at every entrance and on additional buildings or storage.  Attach tracking or alarm tags to easily stolen or high-value items, and consider keeping them in locked, break-resistant display cases.

Be insured and be protected.  As a business you have a lot of responsibilities, some of which include protecting your merchandise and name.  Allow Brazelton Insurance Group to cover you.  Because Brazelton gets the BIG idea.