Auto insurance was originally created to protect drivers’ financial interests.  Since then, the basic principles have not changed.  Luckily, however, for drivers of this century, the auto insurance industry is using technology to help policyholders save money and drive safely.

Use-based premiums

You have most likely heard about the devices placed in a policyholder’s car that track safe driving.  These technologies allow insurers to track mileage and driving behavior.  Driving habits such as speeding, reckless driving, how often brakes are applied and how hard brakes are applied.  These are important factors used when calculating premiums.  Since innovative devices like these became available to drivers, programs have become available to benefit policyholders.


Ever heard of a driving simulation?  They allow new drivers, especially teenagers, to practice their reactions as if they were on the road.  If the new driver is a safe and cautious driver, parents are then offered discounts on the premiums they pay for their teenage drivers.

Handy Apps

With over 1,000,000 Apps on the Iphone App Store Alone, there are bound to be a few apps that can help safe drivers.  Luckily, there are a lot more than a few.  Key2SafeDriving is a smartphone app that installs a device in the vehicle.  This device then places phones into “safe driving mode” when the car is being driven.  In “safe driving mode” the phone will hold off showing all received texts and calls until the phone is out of the vehicle.  That way, the driver will not be distracted while driving.  Other apps, such as SaferCar, provide vehicle safety ratings, and RepairPal locates mechanics and requests repair estimates.

Brazelton Insurance Group wants to help all of you safe drivers to get the insurance you deserve.  With innovative technologies like these, we are sure you will get every opportunity to show us just how safe of a driver you really are!