It’s known to just about every parent that teens raise their car insurance rates.  Paying for teens on insurance can be extremely excruciating.  If you happen to be one of these parents, you’ll be glad to know there are now ways to make your teen somewhat responsible for their premiums.


Believe it or not, if your teen maintains a GPA of at least 3.0, most insurers will extend a “Good Student Discount,” with savings on premiums of 3-7 percent.  You can also make your young driver responsible for maintaining good grades by tying driving privileges to their report card.


The last thing new drivers need are distractions.  Phones are dangerous on the road because they are distractions.  Put your foot down when it comes to cellphone use- especially texting – while driving.  There’s no bigger danger or distraction when driving.  Insist your teen keep the cellphone in the trunk or out of reach while driving so he or she isn’t tempted to use it.  Monitor cellphone records to ensure your driver isn’t using it while driving.  You’re helping prevent serious accidents, while at the same time keeping premiums low.

Driving Times

The riskiest time for driving is between midnight and 6 a.m.  Be cautious when your teen drives that late.  While drinking and driving is a lethal combination, don’t pretend it won’t happen.  Encourage your teen to ask you for a ride if he or she has been drinking, and warn but don’t punish when it happens.  More accidents occur on Saturdays, so minimize the time your teen spends driving on weekends.  This is difficult, because that’s when they meet friends or go to work, but try to come up with creative ways reduce weekend driving; you’ll be minimizing risks and lowering premiums.

Brazelton Insurance Group knows a thing or two about car insurance rates and premiums.  Our job is to keep prices reasonable when you haev a driving teen.  We understand and we are  here to help.  Contact us today to get the BIG picture.