Workers compensation insurance is a must for every business whether you are small or large. While some states require business to have this insurance, other should always choose to purchase a workers compensation policy to protect your business and employees.

The purpose of workers compensation insurance is to protect you from being sued. If any employee is injured while on the job, that employee can sue you for injuries as a result of that accident. If a business has workers compensation insurance, an injured employee would forfeit the rights to sue and receive benefits from the business to cover medical expenses, wages or other expenses.


Without workers compensation, you could be liable for damages that are high above what a compensation premium would be. Rates are determined based on area and Brazelton Insurance Group has all the information necessary to make sure your business is covered within your specific area.


Workers compensation claims are always investigated. Make sure you provide as much information as possible. Once the claim is considered legitimate, your workers compensation insurance will pay benefits to the injured employee.

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