No one likes when there auto insurance premiums go up, and many of us try to do everything we can to make sure it does not happen. So what happens if you file a claim and it isn’t your fault?

In this situation, who should file first, you or the 3rd party? You should always file first. If the other party never makes the claim, you could be left to pay for all the damages they caused. You should also file a formal claim with the other parties insurance to cover all the steps as well. This helps eliminate the possibility of false information being given and you can rely on your own policies uninsured motorists coverage which will not increase your rates.

It’s pretty typical to know what if you file a claim that is not your fault, your very unlikely to have your premiums rise unless you’ve had multiple claims, especially within a year. The more claims you have the more your insure will start to notice. It could signal fraud, bad driving or bad luck, none of which insurance agencies don’t like.

Just remember to always report incidents whether it’s your fault or not. You’ll be happy you did and will save yourself a lot of time and hassle later. For more information about auto insurance or to get a quote on your policy to see if Brazelton Insurance Group can save you money, contact us today!