In today’s mobile universe, technology just keeps changing.  It seems like every few weeks tech giants introduce a new product or advances.  They all claim their new features will make life easier for every small business.

There are still many businesses still operating on old technology.  Even more than that, there are businesses still operating at normal speed when it comes to the use and protection of their corporate devices.  Businesses like these are behind the times and have not implemented policies governing their employees’ use of personal devices, and many remain confused about data storage in the era of Big Data.

How does this tie into insurance?

Insurance protection often fails to keep up with the speed at which businesses are acquiring new technology.  With horror stories and very real threats of hacking and other invasions of privacy so rampant, it’s vital you should have protection in place in your own mobile universe.  This is why it is so important to stay up with the times and get the right insurance.

Brazelton Insurance Group

Owned and operated by Scott Brazelton, Brazelton Insurance Group is ahead of the times and on top of the technology boom.  Specializing in Auto, Home Owners, Life, Car, and Business insurance, you could say Brazelton Insurance Group Gets the Big Picture.