The more expensive the vehicle, the more insurers pay in the event of losses

You finally bought that sought after luxury vehicle.  Congratulations, you’ve spent a lot of moola on that baby.  Now comes the second sticker shock:  The increase in premiums you have to pay to insure your ride.

It is extremely important to consider your auto insurance premiums when purchasing any car.  But even if your vehicle has all the safety bells and whistles, you’ve never had a ticket, and you live in an insurance-friendly (safe) area, there’s no denying that the most important rate factors of all is your car’s make and model.

The vehicle’s make and model play a very important role in the risk models insurers use to set your premiums.  The more expensive the vehicle, the more insurers have to pay in the event of losses.  This means your luxury car will need more coverage, and you’ll pay more in premiums.

More expensive car = More $$$ insurers have to pay = Owner pays more premiums

To help you out and add some interesting knowledge into daily routine, below are the top 20 most expensive cars to insure in 2013 and their average premiums.  Enjoy!

  • Mercedes-Benz CL600:  $3,357

  • Mercedes Benz CL65 AMG:  $3,330

  • Mercedes Benz S65 AMG:  $3,221

  • Mercedes-Benz SL65 AMG:  $3,207

  • Mercedes-Benz CL63 AMG:  $3,184

  • Mercedes-Benz S600:  $3,158

  • Mercedes-Benz SL63 AMG:  $3,075

  • Mercedes-Benz S63 AMG:  $2,978

  • Mercedes-Benz CL550 4Matic:  $2,897

  • Mercedes-Benz SL5508:  $2,671

  • Mercedes-Benz S5508:  $2,640

  • Porsche 911 Turbo:  $2,958

  • Porsche 911 Turbo S:  $2,925

  • Porsche Panamera Turbo:  $2,912

  • Porsche 911 Carrera 4S6:  $2,642

  • Porsche 911 Carrera S6:  $2,626

  • Jaguar XKR (convertible):  $2,822

  • Jaguar XKR (coupe):  $2,756

  • Jaguar XK8:  $2,684

  • BMW 650i8:  $2,681