Life insurance was originally considered needed for only the heads of the household that went out to work.  Up until modern day in America, men were considered the main breadwinners of the household, who will ultimately need to provide for spouses and children on their deaths.  That is where the life insurance comes in.  Now, nearly a millennium after The Tennessee and Alabama Female Institute was first awarded a college degree to women equal to that men were awarded, in 1851, women are just as hard working as men.  Now more than ever before in America, women are increasingly becoming the main workers in the house.

What Does This Mean For Women and Life Insurance?

Covers Short and Long-Term Needs

Life insurance can provide a generous lump sum of money to replace income if anything were to happen to the female breadwinner of the household.  This sum can easily cover short-term expenses like:  The cost of a funeral, paying off incurred debts, and other after death costs.  It can support requirements such as housing or food and clothing for surviving family members.  It can also provide for long-term expenses like:  College educations, retirement for a spouse, or retirement nest eggs.

Help With Household Tasks

Life insurance can do many things to help out after the death of a breadwinner in the family.  It can easily help with some of the household responsibilities, which, for the most part, are still handled by women.  Responsibilities like these, that generally keep households running smoothly, include:  Child care, grandchild care, and household chores.

With adequate life insurance, families are able to find other means of getting help around the house, either in the short term or for the long term.  Brazelton Insurance Group knows that life insurance, of course, can never replace the individual.  Although this is true, it can help pay for the vital services provided to spouses, children and grandchildren.  Life insurance is more than something to consider, it is a necessity.  Contact a Brazelton Insurance Group advisor that can help you determine the best options for you and your family.