Auto insurance was created to financially protect both drivers and passengers. With the change in technology over the years, auto insurance principles have remained the same, but now the industry is using technology to help auto policyholders save money and drive safe. A few ways this is being done is by using some of the following techniques.

1. Use-based premiums

Devices are being placed in auto policyholder cars, which allows insurers to track mileage and driving behavior, which are the two main factors used when calculating premiums. The devices are able to monitor mileage, speeding, breaking and more.

2. Simulations

Avoiding accidents is one way to save money on your insurance policy, and new simulations can help new drivers, especially teenagers, to practice their reactions in a safe environment and offers parents discounts on the premiums they pay for teenaged drivers.

3. AppsThe app called “Key2SafeDriving” is a smartphone application that installs a device in the vehicle and places phones into “safe driving mode” when the car is being driven.This can significantly reduce the amount of accidents due to texting and talking while driving

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